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ORDER my books below or on Amazon.
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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Demo I hosted

Karyn Grant and her husband Brent came to my home where I had invited friends to see a demonstration on Tues. Feb 9. First I showed a power point presentation I started putting together about 3 weeks ago. The presentation compares qualities of the universal energy scientists have discovered with characteristics of the subtle essence spoken of in scripture and by apostles and others. Two people wanted to buy a copy of it after I showed it. They even told me what it was worth to them, and one friend handed me a twenty dollar bill for the first copy.

Then Karyn introduced concepts that would further help us understand energy and her background and work as a Vibrational healer incorporating music, massage, essential oils, and now an incredible energy device. We saw the flexibility and strength tests and tasted wanded lemons as well as unwanded ones. A few people in the group were not able to taste the difference in the lemons. I just happened to share that mystery with a friend the following morning and she said I know something about that. She related that in biology class they tasted little strips of paper with a sort of acid on them, similar to pH strips. She tasted the acid on the paper as well as most of the class. However, her best friend didn't taste anything at all. The biology teacher explained that some people's taste buds are different and not able to sense acid like others' tongues do. I'd like to look that up on the internet and see what I can find.

Karyn Grant told how she discovered and used the wand to help others release emotional issues as well as physical ones. In her compassionate way, she gave everyone in attendance a mini clearing session one- on -one. This added a whole new dimension to the wand's usefulness! She used kinesiology to discover what each person needed to release and where on their body needed wanded first for their highest good. I invite my friends to add their comments below this post so you can hear firsthand what they experienced. One friend had back pain and was so glad she stopped by.

I experienced a ball of pressure in my neck leaving. It was incredible. Another friend had pain in her lower back. She did not feel a difference while at my home, so I am curious to hear if anything shifted for her the following day. Likewise for a friend's son who had leg pain. I want to know if he felt something physically different later on. Everyone had a chance to release stored emotion. My friend who had bunion surgery came to the demo. She took the wand and started moving it in clockwise circles over her walking cast. About 3 minutes later she looked up with a smile on her face and declared, "It feels better already!" She wiggled all of her toes and tapped her foot up and down. I asked if she was supposed to keep her foot immobilized. She said, "The doctor told me I should start physical therapy this week, so it is okay." I'll let you know how she is doing. I have a list of people to call today. This is so much fun! It makes me wish everyone I invited could be open minded enough to just try this amazing discovery. I thank my Father up in heaven for inspiring those who came up with this technology. All inspiration comes from him whether scientific insight or religious insight. It is all HIS truth!

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