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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fred on Forgiveness Heals Physically

Fred Taylor spoke to our Mind-Body-Spirit Health Group in Mountain Green last week. Here are the notes I promised some of you.

I introduced him as born and raised in Ogden, married to Diane with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He went on a mission to Austria. He was Branch President of the care center in Roy for 3 years, where I met him. Currently, he is High Priest Group Leader in his ward. His working career ended when he was declared disabled. He has a standing appointment with the missionaries every Tuesday to take them to the temple, grocery shopping, and anywhere else they need to go. In fact, he is pretty much on call for the missionaries 24/7.

Then I told our group that Fred was different from the other speakers we have enjoyed, in that he is NOT certified in any healing techniques. This, I explained, made all that he has been able to accomplish in helping others with their health, an even more impressive accomplishment.

I went on to say that Fred was my hero for listening to a prompting of the spirit to take a copy of his story to the care center one morning. Because he listened and obeyed, my family was immensely blessed to learn the health principle that forgiveness heals physically. I thought Fred had given away over 1000 copies of his healing story, but I was corrected to learn that he had given away over 1500 copies! I said that Fred was also a hero to me because I didn't know anyone else who listens to the spirit as closely as he does. I said he really is a walking miracle and gave his website as: www.littleeverydaymiracles-fred.blogspot.com

Fred's presentation 2/23/2010

At age 38 I was told I had M.S. I had terrible dizzy spells and other problems. At the time I asked "Why me?" Later on with the help of the spirit, I asked, "Why not me?"

I was sitting in Sunday School when I was prompted to read something in the D&C. There was something that would help me. I read D&C 122 about Joseph Smith in the jail. That wasn't it. Then I read D&C 121 about being in the Liberty Jail. Verses 4, 7 and 8 jumped off the page at me! It read, "My son, peace be unto thy soul... endure it well... it will be a small moment" That was very comforting.
I went home and still had dizzy spells. I didn't get around or do much at all. I couldn't even stand up (showed us wobbling jerking ALL over the place.) A year later the doctors did more tests and told me there was less evidence of M.S., and that I possibly had Meineir's disease. No meds worked and this went on for 5 years. I couldn't stand up, even with help. I took a disability retirement at age 43 with 3 teens at home. I felt worthless, but knew I would be okay because of the powerful experience in Sunday School while reading in the D&C.
A friend in my ward had tried to get me to learn about Jan Graf and the work he did down in St. George. Every time he tried to convince me it would help, I told him that I knew my problem wasn't stress, I had a PHYSICAL problem! Well, this went on for 8 years, my friend encouraging me to go see Jan Graf. So 8 years later my friend brought over a booklet by Jan Graf. One and a half weeks later, I read the booklet just to get my friend "off my back" about the whole idea. However, as soon as I read the booklet I Knew it was exactly what I needed. I set the booklet down and picked up the phone to make an appointment with Jan.

I spent 3 hours there in that appointment where Jan taught me how properly forgive. I'd heard about forgiveness all my life. I'd heard all the talks and lessons, but I found out I didn't know how to really forgive. Jan taught me to forgive outloud and in present tense: not with I "should" forgive or I "ought" to forgive, or I "will" but "I forgive," as in right now. We worked down a list name by name plus I had to forgive myself for holding feelings against them. Jan also drained the negative energy off of me. After the appointment, I went to the desk to pay and I was standing there whenI realized that for the first time in 8 1/2 years, I wasn't wobbly. I was standing still! I carried my cane out to my car and drove home!

(Fred passed around a photograph of his expired handicap license plate and cane.) I want to tell the Bible story of the man who was lowered through the roof by his friends in order to be close to the Savior. (He told the story of the Lord telling the man he was forgiven and of his immediate healing.) That was ME on that bed! I knew I hadn't forgiven myself. I literally took up my bed and walked.

I want to show you how Jan Graf taught me to drain negative energy. Tamara will you come up and help me? Use one of your fingers, it doesn't matter which one, and hold it about6-8 inches above the person's LEFT foot. It must be the left foot and you can't do it to yourself. It requires 2 people. Focus on what you're doing. Jan told me it doesn't matter if you use your left or right hand to drain the energy. I feel a sort of buzz and my hand tingles when I do this. I don't do it daily, just when I feel the need. Negative energy comes when we are depressed, offended, ill or feeling negative emotions. We all build it up. It can manifest with physical symptoms like my equilibrium not working. If we don't judge people, including ourselves, we won't have all the forgiveness work to do! I like the poem by Robert Burns that says "Look gently on man..."

I want to share some experiences about the MIND changing its deep down inside thinking. In my first visit with Jan, he taught me that people are afraid of food because they fear it will cause weight gain, or possibly diabetes... We program our minds to believe these kinds of things! Our minds says "Okay, I'll have to suffer the consequences if I eat that sugar or fat..." Jan said the Lord gave us all food to enjoy and we don't let ourselves enjoy it. I eat whatever I want whenever I want it and I stay the same weight. I'm with the missionaries a lot and not one of them over all these years, who is crazy enough to challenge me to an eating contest has ever won. I have wasted every elder's challenge. In 2007 I lost 20 pounds. Sometimes I eat half of a half gallon of ice cream. Once I ate 5 steaks.

When I was a teenager I tore the heck out of my knees playing basketball. 6 years ago my son and his wife came with their 1 1/2 year old girl. She got into lots of pots and pans. My wife Diane said I had to put child proof locks on all the cabinet doors in the kitchen. It took me about an hour to do that. The thought came to me: that's gonna kill my knees! It did. I went and got ice packs. Later, I had the thought: I'm going to forgive my knees for thinking they had to hurt to justify the pain. Well, I did that and the pain was gone, but they were still stiff and swollen. Then I thought, I'm going to forgive my knees for believing they had to swell and be stiff and sore. 7 months later, I had to put new brakes and rotors on our car. I climbed around on the cement floor in the driveway and had NO pain or stiffness. I don't have to do that to myself anymore! I smile now and think I don't have to do that to myself anymore. Last summer I tore a rotator cuff. I spent 30 minutes with Jan. 2 days later, I vacuumed our entire house and then went and vacuumed out my van. My shoulder was FINE!

I have asked Tamara if she will come up and tell us about her experience with forgiveness.

"I had to have my gallbladder out2 years ago because I was turning yellow. It was supposed to be an out-patient surgery, but I got doctor induced pancreatitis and had to stay in the hospital 5 days. I went home and Fred stopped by to check on how I was doing about 10 days after surgery. He didn't tell me at the time, but he thought I looked really down. I was still moping around spending a lot of time on the sofa.

Fred asked me if I had forgiven the doctors for causing me to have pancreatitis. I said I didn't hold it against them, I wasn't the suing type... He again asked, have you forgiven the doctors out loud? I had to admit that I hadn't. Fred suggested that right then and there, I forgive them for every negative thing I had allowed in my head. While I did that, he put a finger on my forehead with the intention of sending me positive energy. So I forgave the general surgeon out loud for suggesting we do a scope procedure prior to surgery. I forgave the other doctor for doing the scope and irritating my pancreas. I forgave the surgeon for the micro tear in my bile duct. I forgave the doctors for causing me 5 days hospital bills. I forgave myself for allowing any thoughts of blame toward them... and on and on I forgave.

When I was finished, I had the most wonderful sensation come into my body. I still remember it very vividly. I felt a heavenly, warm energy coming down into the top of my head, filling me up with a light sensation that poured into my head and flowed down my neck and into my body. It filled me up with a lightness and a feeling of hope and energy. It was an incredible feeling! I had so much more energy, I got up off the sofa and headed for the kitchen to take care of things that had been piling up. Both my husband and Fred commented that I looked physically different.

(A hand was raised in the audience and the person asked, "So what did you do Fred, did you drain negative energy and then put in positive energy?" Fred answered that was the way he remembered it.)


You have to touch the forehead to put positive energy in another person. Touch them in the middle of their forehead right at the hairline with one of your fingers. Not everyone feels it.
(A question was asked about doing the forgiveness at the same time as draining energy or putting positive energy in.) I explained that you don't have to do it at the same time as you are forgiving out loud. If I'm out in public I still do forgiveness out loud, I just say it kind of to myself, -as long as you can hear yourself say it.

There are 4 things needed for changes to happen. First, you have to have a desire for it to happen. You have to be willing to let it happen. You must believe the other person deserves forgiveness. And you have to allow it to happen.

Forgiveness doesn't mean you condone what the other person did. You are for giving it over to God. We're to love others as ourselves, not in spite of ourself or _____. Forgive one another or you have the greater sin. God will forgive us if we repent, so what right do we have to judge who deserves forgiveness and who doesn't? Christ has paid the price and so He has the right to make those His own. God is a perfect gentlemen. He never goes where he's not invited.

We have no right to judge because we do not know another person's mind. Only 1 is qualified for that job, so our job is to forgive. Being unforgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. And saying I'll forgive but I'll never forget is like saying I don't forgive.

How many times should we forgive? The scriptures say the Lord taught the disciples 7 times. The Jews had a hard time believing that because 7 was like saying infinity. Then the Savior replied till 70 times 7. What that means is that any time you think again of what that person did to you, you need to forgive them AGAIN. That is the 70 times 7 principle. That thought you had of remembering brings it up again, that you were offended in the past.

1.Forgiveness must be verbal- thinking it is just a start.
2. Forgiveness must be specific by name for a specific thing.
3. Forgiveness must be in present tense. (not I will or I can or I need to... those are future tense.)
After you forgive the other person you must forgive yourself for holding in thinking negative things about them.

You can continue to learn this as you drive. There are plenty of opportunities then! You have 2 choices. You can choose to be upset which creates more stress and negative energy and makes you feel bad. OR you can choose to forgive the other driver for being human and yourself for being offended and thinking unkind things.

The absolute best way is to forgive. There is no revenge as sweet as to forgive. We judge people due to our pride. I am walking proof. (Closed with testimony)

(A hand was raised with a question: How long did it take till you were all better? ) I was better as I walked out of my first appointment..
(How did Jan know what was needed?) He uses kinesiology, or muscle testing, to determine when in your life you had an issue that needs taken care of. Every time he asked me if I could remember that time in my life, I knew who it was I had to forgive.

(Did you ever feel they were just words?) ____

(Guy Laing stood up and emotionally told about his daughter's experience seeing Jan Graf the first time.)

I have heard a lot about depression lately. I know what that feels like because I went through it with my disability. I'd suggest to start expressing gratitude as the best solution to that black hole starting to open up and pull us down. It seems to have an even higher healing power than forgiveness! That is because if we are grateful for something we had to forgive for, it has tremendous healing power.

(Comment from audience: Isn't that 2 sides of the same coin?) Tamara raised her hand and commented that in her opinion gratitude was even higher, because it took a lot longer to be grateful for the trials she went through with her daughter than it took to forgive them.

(Question from the audience: We have seen some atrocities lately in the world. Do you just say the words of forgiveness when things happen that are so horrible?) I said sometimes you have to say it over and over until hopefully you really mean it. (Audience member added that the song I am a Child of God had its words changed from I must 'know' to I must 'do'.) I added that it goes back to believing we forgive all. Who is the judge of who deserves to be forgiven? Love without a grudge.

(Fred felt prompted to end with an additional story from his mission. He butted heads with his mission president who did not believe in medical treatment and did not allow any sick days even upon doctor's orders. He had plenty of opportunities to forgive with hilly, step ridden Austria and his bad knees and such a mission president. In the end, going home early with a medical release meant he met his wife. So he was able to turn it all around and be grateful. He looked the mission president up and forgave him just before the president passed away. )

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sarah baldwin said...

oh tamara... i needed to read this tonight. i'm interested in seeing the results of your wand first hand and having a session. thanks for posting such amazing information on here. i'll be calling. this is such valuable information. thanks for sharing!

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