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Thursday, February 11, 2010

AMEGA Zero Point Energy Wand

There is an energy device that resonates with the Zero Point Energy field! This is beyond any other energy device I have ever experienced! Go to   for more information.

Amazing 'harmony and rhythm' happened to me this week. I was not looking for another energy device to help people. (In fact, I have passed a few up over the last year.) However, this one fell into my lap with such synchronicity I couldn't ignore it.

A friend e-mailed me on Monday about listening to a phone call that would bless many people's lives. When I read her e-mail I looked up at the clock above my computer and realized the call would begin in 3 minutes, so I dialed in. It was interesting to hear someone say the wand could revolutionize self care. What caught my attention was their recognition of the body's own innate intelligence doing the healing. That sounded just like what President Spencer W. Kimball taught:

"Our ills are usually of our own begetting. They must be corrected by ourselves. Man is the master of his destiny, be it good or bad. Man has the inherent capacity to heal himself physically. A doctor may cleanse a wound, sew it up, bandage it well, but the natural power of the body must do the healing. Likewise, a healing process in the spirit and mind must come from within the self will. Others may help to cauterize the wound, suture it, and provide a clean proper environment for the healing, but the body, with the aid of the Spirit, must heal itself."

I was glad to hear testimonials for all kinds of issues: pain was relieved for several people, someone with TMJ found they could open their jaw wider, another person looked like they had experienced a face lift on half their face (that was wanded), a woman's vision improved (and that really got my attention), headaches went away, a rotator cuff pain was gone, and more flexibility was back after broken bones.

I also heard about a chili plant watered with energized water-- it was nearly 12 feet tall and 4 feet around. There was even a medical doctor who used the wand in her practice with a patient when a child came in with a very bruised ear that was black in color. The doctor was astonished when the black part of the ear turned pink right in front of her eyes after only a few minutes of turning the Amega wand clockwise near the ear. They explained that the cells are triggered into remembering where they have come from: Source, where there is no pain and no inflammation, etc. They said the wand is just a 'remember switch' for the body to remember that state of wellness.

I didn't really want to get involved in a new business. I am making progress writing my book and this company was perceived at the time as an interruption. However, I was very impressed with the people who brought this company to Utah. They suggested that interested people stay in a state of gratitude (which is emphasized in my book) even when trouble arises. I liked these people! They suggested to go out and concentrate on blessing people's lives, because the money would follow. They were speaking my language. I didn't feel compelled to do anything at that point, however.

Several hours later I was again drawn to my computer to get some work done and noticed that my friend's e-mail was still there. I sat down and reread the few sentences of her e-mail inviting me to call a number, looked up at my clock and started laughing. It was one minute before the second and last phone call of the day about the new company. Smiling, I dialed the number again. I felt it was obviously the right thing for me to do.

I heard a testimonial about getting help for Bell's palsy. It was intriguing to me because my father- in- law had experienced that ailment. The medical field really didn't know what to do to help him those many years ago. ENERGY had made the difference for the woman on the call, though! The testimonials were repeat lessons of what I had already learned in my life: most doctor's aren't aware yet of your entire being. They treat your physical body but not your wholebody- not the bio-energetic part of you that can't be seen by these well- meaning physicians.

I signed up with Amega who has been in business 4 years in Asia, and just came to the US a couple of weeks ago. I feel good about this company and jumped right in the next day. Finding out about it was orchestrated by God.

They also have a bracelet that increases circulation without upping the heart rate. I wonder if that can help some people I know. One man energized his drinking water with the wand and said he had lots of energy after a 30 hour flight to Singapore to check out this company. I don't really enjoy selling, but I feel I can make a difference helping people with all sorts of issues with this company's products. Listen to Amega's weekday call Monday through Thursday. Or phone their 24/7 number and listen whenever convenient. John Pratt's article on my site will be fascinating reading for LDS people interested in the Amega wand.

The last few weeks I have been putting together a power point presentation comparing subtle energy in science and religion. Talk about timing! There's another example of harmony and rhythm. I praise God and give Him the glory.

Prophets and apostles have compared the energy of science to the Light of Christ and Intelligence. I will write about that next and also tell what I experienced at my first demo seeing the wand in action right before my eyes.

You will likely be as amazed with the wand as I was. With your health in mind, Tamara


AmaZen Proactive Therapies said...

thanks for posting your info about what you found with amega global...i was fielding a call from one of my network about plants and the zero point wand. i was glad that you put down the story.

i have been with amega global for three years now and i love each and every moment of it...all the ups and all the downs. being in zero point field is a blessing. my body know this to be true.

Robert Gardner said...

Where did you find that remark by Spencer W. Kimball? I can't find the reference elsewhere.

Tamara said...

It is from The Miracle of Forgiveness on page 83. Thanks for asking. I didn't realize I hadn't referenced that quotation.