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ORDER my books below or on Amazon.
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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I saw at my first Amega Demo

I drove to Pleasant Grove to see what the Amega wand would do for people firsthand. I was not disappointed! The man presenting information said 2 weeks previous his wand was the only Amega device in the state of Utah. Furthermore, 6 weeks ago virtually no one in the U.S. knew about the technology. It has just arrived in America. The presenter explained it was a Resonance Technology developed over 15 years using Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. I learned that pain is the number 1 reason people are absent from work for over 3 days.

We all got to taste a wedge of lemon slice that had been wanded, and then a wedge that hadn't been. The energy of the lemon actually changed! My tongue told me there was a very real difference! The tartness was milder and I could have eaten several wedges of the wanded version. However, my mouth puckered when eating the unwanded lemon.

I saw several people exhibit dramatically increased flexibility while holding the wand. Strength tests showed the same remarkable improvement while the wand was clipped inside a person's shirt. I invited a relative to meet me at the meeting and we wanded her tailbone that had bothered her for years. She didn't notice any changes at the meeting, but notified me the next morning that her sore hip hadn't bothered her at all that night. ( It usually left her tossing and turning.) I thought to myself, her experience sounds just like what author Richard Gordon teaches about 'running energy' using Quantum Touch: the subtle energy is intelligent and knows exactly where it is needed most. He teaches to merely move one's hands to the new location that senses pain and continue to "chase the pain" until it subsides or is gone.

A woman had a soft cast on and after wanding, her pain level went from 4 or 5 to what she called 'negative one.' Another woman who suffered terrible migraines felt a slight one coming on. Her head was wanded and she felt energy sensations moving down to her chest. She said it felt like a heavy, heavy weight was on her chest. After wanding that area she exclaimed, "there is not an 'elephant' sitting on my chest anymore!" I could relate to what she was saying because over a year ago, I felt a real heaviness over my heart. It was a sensation just next to my physical body, almost reaching into my physical level. It took sessions of energy work using different modalities to release that energetic heaviness over my chest. Yet, here was a woman who released something similar in one sitting. God be praised!

Others with shoulder pain, leg pain and back pain were likewise affected for the better in minutes. The presenter said there was an income opportunity here that very few were even aware of and that it was the fastest growing business he had ever seen. He shared information on a few other products Amega will soon be offering. It was interesting to me when he said the pendant this company offers helps with holes in the field of energy that is around people. They also have bracelets and necklaces that use FIR (far infra red) and magnet technology to increase circulation. I ordered one and will soon see if that helps my feet that are usually cold.

A man shared his testimonial about having 2 open heart surgeries followed by years of rib soreness. Wanding over his chest took the pain away! And the last testimonial was remarkable as well. The woman shared how she had come to the same home for a demonstration 2 days previous. She was not able to lift her one leg off the floor. She had to have help getting out of her car, and getting into the house for the demo. She showed how she had to lift her own leg up by grasping her pant leg and lifting up with her arms. She told how her leg and/or hip was wanded and showed all of us that her hip could now lift her leg right up to a ninety degree angle. She pointed to the living room and emotionally explained how she had gone over to the stairs there and climbed every one, reached the top of the staircase and CRIED!

I was so glad I made the one and a half hour drive to the meeting!

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