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ORDER the new book below. (Trouble? Use the contact form on right sidebar for an invoice instead.)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Over the summer of 2016 I wrote a second book, An LDS Approach to Energy Healing. (Cell phone users can see Pay Pal buttons for it by clicking on 'view web version' down below.)  The new book includes MANY generational healing and spiritual gifts quotes. There are step by step instructions on how to do Deep Emotion Release (DER) on yourself or others. This is my favorite method to clear Generational Issues, and does so through the eyes.  It is what the spirit has taught me to do over the years as I've worked with family, neighbors, clients and helped conference attendees. 

This new book is a "HOW TO" book on one form of Energy Healing.  It teaches one approach (while my first book, Healing Arts - A Gift from God contains LDS validation for many energy techniques).

Like my first book, this second book also has two chapters on darkness vs. light. The new book has a few unique lists which may be helpful for facilitators. This book also has practical steps on how to "dance in the rain" even while life's seeming chaos surrounds you.  See reviews on the tab above labeled "My NEW book" and then scroll down to that post.

The latest pre-publication copies were for sale until I sold out in December 2016. A few stories have been added since the pre-publication copies as feedback was given and I learned about Bro. Gillespie's new paper on evil spirits (see link at end of Bro. Poulton's post). The new book is sold here on PayPal buttons above and at holistic conferences listed below.    

[About 20 copies of the oldest pre-publication books I have left will be sold at cost. They are missing a few updates to lists,  the complete bibliography (provided, however, on a separate printout), corrections to two stories, and new quotes about seeing faces in the spirit world.  This first pre-publication version did not have the ISBN number on the back or final edits such as right side justification. Leave a message on the contact form on the right sidebar if you are interested in one of these.] 

Discover "what else" there is to healing the whole person on my DVD.  This is my presentation to the Integrative Mental Health Conference held on Feb. 22, 2014 at the Courtyard Marriott in Layton, UT.  The DVD contains over 100 of my power point slides as well as over 20 slides not included in my first book, Healing Arts.  The slides are very clear and legible and appear in a separate screen beside the camera on me. The DVD runs 50 minutes and contains information to improve physical as well as mental health.  There are almost 500 power point slides in Healing Arts, so it contains much more information. However, the DVD is an overview of the chapters in my first book, Healing Arts, and is great for those who would rather not read.  For your information, I sell the DVD at nearly half off at conferences where I speak.


"No, I have absolutely no idea what water is," 

said the fish.  "Why do you ask?"

(Eleanor Barrow cartoon in 

Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon)

This cartoon makes me laugh because I used to be like that fish. I had no idea that we live in an "ocean" of universal life force energy .  That fish represents an over-whelming number of people.  If we asked the average Christian if they believed in Chi life force energy they would likely answer "no."  That is sad and ironic because Christians & Latter-day Saints  use several different terms for "life force energy" -- they just haven't realized it yet!  Scriptures use a completely different set of vocabulary to describe the same  'foreign'terms  that holistic health practitioners use!

I share a story in my book of being prompted by the spirit to call a past bishop's wife. I told her of our daughter's trials with severe depression and cutting and suicidal tendencies. She asked if I had only looked for help in the medical field. "Startled, I answered, 'Yes, of course. What else is there?' 'Oh,' she said, 'there is a whole other field of medicine.' 'Really?' I asked incredulously. 'Yes, it is called Energy Medicine,' she replied in a matter-of-fact way.  She said it was an alternative but complementary treatment." (Healing Arts, 2)

She explained that these treatments involved re-patterning the light around a person, which I later found out was called life-force energy.  I read dozens of books about this novel avenue of help as fast as I could.  One medical doctor wrote, "healing involved a strengthening of the underlying integrity of an individual's human energies and their re-patterning in a healthier way" (Susan Wagner, M.D., A Doctor's Guide to Therapeutic Touch, 29).  We found by experience that techniques which cleared and balanced the subtle energy/unseen light enveloping the body were incredibly helpful for my daughter with depression, severe anxiety & mood swings.  

The insistence of the spirit led me to this seemingly unusual help.  Initially, I wasn't sure of its compatibility with Christianity. Later on, I found prophets comparing life-force energy to

intelligence in the light of Christ. That was incredibly validating!  New vocabulary words I had learned such as "Chi"and "prana" suddenly became Christian related terms - no longer cloaked in foreign sounding titles. Additionally, the Light of Christ was also compared by prophets to consciousness.  Eventually, that added another health benefiting avenue of study since scholars said higher consciousness, such as forgiveness, could be used purposefully. My family was blessed to learn by experience that forgiveness in all things - is indeed healing to the body.  

This site offers several answers to the question, "What else is there?" when seeking health and wellness. It is possible that there are variables involved in healing that one has never even considered before. Traditional medicine generally doesn't practice from the perspective of Whole Person Health.  I refer to one of the medical field's overlooked areas with the scriptural term "chasing darkness" (from D&C 50).

Some of the best things I have learned since writing my book involve the physical side of mental issues and the gut as the "second brain."  I am grateful there are Functional Medicine doctors  that seek out the root cause of symptoms instead of just offering symptom relief.  My family has been greatly blessed by the modality Radionics facilitated by people instead of machines affecting the physical body. 

It has been a huge blessing to have learned about EmpowerplusQ96.  Formulated specifically for brain and nervous system health, this heaven inspired product has IMMENSELY helped family members and clients with depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, ADHD.....  (You can read about Q96 and the Stephan  family's incredible story behind it on another post HERE. )

Energy healing has taught me how to apply Jesus Christ's atonement in ways I had not considered before.  Jesus Christ is the source of all healing.  The Bible tells us,"For I am the Lord that healeth thee." It has been my experience that helping people in the healing arts is to help them draw nearer unto Christ. I am a witness of the Savior swallowing up our burdens in His love. This work is very Christ centered when credit is given where credit is due. Scripture says the Savior took upon Himself not only our sins, but also our illnesses and heartaches...  all mortal bitterness. That includes our unresolved  emotions which are heavily tied to our health. Studying the field of Energy Medicine has helped me to understand deeper meaning of scripture verses (some verses I previously thought were merely symbolic). 

The more I learn about energy healing, the more I learn that faith is a principle of power.  It can also be a spiritual gift. In my opinion, energy healing is better referred to as "spiritual re-patterning." I have observed over 10 years as a facilitator of Healing Arts that doing emotional release work can be a very spiritual process which fosters the development of spiritual gifts. There are also areas in alternative therapies that I avoid altogether.  My book contains warnings about these things. It has been my experience that Christ-centered integrative health modalities teach a person they can ask in faith for much more than previously thought. And our body's ability to heal is greater than we've been led to believe. Open your heart to new possibilities.  My family is extremely blessed because we did! 


armygirlvet said...

Hi Tamara! I just found your blog! I am very interested in purchasing a copy of your book. Has the newest edition been released yet?

Tamara said...

I have only written one book. I did improve the back cover and title page. I had to get a second ISBN number because the book came out in perfect binding for bookstores instead of only being spiral bound. Sorry for the confusion.

Michael de Jager said...

Hi Tamara, I just bought your latest book "an LDS approach to energy healing on Saturday 7 January 2017 at the Conference in Logan. It has been a fantastic read and I will have completed reading every word in 3 days, by tomorrow. It was exactly what I needed; to give me the LDS perspectives by General Authorities and the scriptures, after I had studied much of the emotion and body code, dr. Melvin Fish's books and Kathy Truman's writings, all of whom you give some quotes from. I have not tried your DER healing methods yet, but I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing the results for myself. Thank you for your excellent review of so many sources. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore this field but may be hesitant due to a lack of understanding how the Church feels about these matters. May God pour down his blessings upon you for blessing people's lives.

Tamara said...

Thank you, Michael, for your kind words!

Robyn said...

Tamara, I'm enjoying your book, "Healing Arts, a gift from God". I'm interested in specific information and procedures to heal myself, others, both near and far. I think I prefer books over other media. I love your commitment to only including things that I call Gospel friendly. I'm looking for complete info on how to do things, and how they work. Do you have anything like that? Thanks!

Tamara said...

Thank you, Robyn. My new book, An LDS Approach to Energy Healing, is much more hands-on with instructions on how to release trapped trauma, emotions and generational issues... through the eyes on yourself and for others. There is a chapter on distance work.
As far as info on how it works you can explore further the scientists I quote in my books. For example, William Tiller exclaimed, "We now know that we heal through frequency, vibration and resonance and it's communicated through light." A book with a scientific emphasis on how energy techniques could work is The Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church. I believe it also explains briefly at the end how to do EFT, Donna Eden's Energy Routine, and a couple of other methods. I have links to those kinds of things under 2 tabs here on this site. If you meant you want to begin to understand how so called "energy healing" works from a religious view, then you're already reading it! :) I hope this helps.