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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

My ZOOM Class

Here is the 1st Zoom class I                                                         taught for friends & guests in 2020. 

 It is on the subjects of Women, The Priesthood and Generational Healing

Topics  include: Faith, the Light of Christ, Virtue, Spiritual Gifts, Priesthood power & removing Covenant Curses. 

What have the brethren taught about women and the priesthood?
 Learn gospel concepts tied to the meaning of the word priesthood. 
Learn what the scriptures teach about "iniquities of the fathers" to the 
3rd and 4th generation and "loosing the bands" from our necks.

Part 1 is 29 minutes long, Part 2 is 35 minutes and Part 3 is 17 minutes long.
(Part 3 only covers the last 2 power point slides but we had a discussion afterwards.) 

These have not been edited, but I hope they are of value to someone.
 I am considering moving them to my private Facebook group where we could have more discussions.


Kathy said...

I just loved these videos and all of your information especially the words of prophets and apostles. Oh my goodness, so many of my feelings validated and prayers answered. I have so very much wanted to stay in alignment with the gospel while doing energy clearing. I have asked Heavenly Father to teach me and I found you!
While praying in the temple last year about energy clearing I told Heavenly Father I’d never practice again if it be his will. My answer... study the chakras! What??? I just told you I’d give this up if it be thy will, and I’m to study the chakras!!!??

Can you help me understand this? Kind of like the fire in your basement that made little sense at the time. I wonder if learning the chakras is to help identify disease or where the emotions are trapped to then release? Any ideas? I am ordering your book now. I’d love to hear your insight. Your videos have given me courage and I felt the spirit in your message and I have enough faith to practice what I know to be true and in helping to heal my brothers and sisters...
Also one take away from conference.
Pres nelson said
Anything that we can do for those on this side or the other that will help them make or keep sacred covenants is Gathering!!!! And Gathering is the very most important work we can do!
Thank you again dear sister for your studies and work and sharing!

Kathy B

Tamara said...

Dear Kathy,
Thank you for your comments, especially about conference. I think you are going to enjoy the chapter in my book, Healing Arts-A Gift from God, on chakras. Two of the most popular posts (listed on the right sidebar) on this site at the moment are on chakras.
The prophet Ezekiel explained that the spirit of the living creature is in the "wheels." He said that these wheels of light burn like lamps and are in color as the rainbow. You can study the Topical Guide for the word "wheels" and find them in Daniel and elsewhere. I see the chakra system in Alma 32 from verse 28 on.
The place I have learned the most about them in the world's books is from a thick manual sold by the Rapid Eye Institute in Oregon. They might only sell that to RET technicians, however.
A more recent discovery on them is the scripture in the book Doctrine and Covenants that aligns with them. You can see what I'm talking about on the chakra art picture in my store. I started writing a booklet to go along with that art, loaded with scriptures that cross reference to what Ezekiel saw. Enjoy your learning adventure!


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Katie Garner "Pillar of Light" ART of one's energy system. Rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1 w/ aligning D&C verse on chakras. Thank you, Emily Peery, for pointing this verse out!

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