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The CD's are back! Audio downloads are still in the making.
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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Becky Rocque's Class on Generational Clearing

Becky Rocque shared a story of looking in the medical field for a cause to an illness. She said, sometimes the cause will NOT be found by traditional medicine, because it is a generational issue (passed down energetically.) As we have personal experiences everything gets programmed into the body. This is evident because a reflexologist or a practitioner of foot zoning can find where your body is out of balance by examining your feet, an iridologist can see the same thing by looking in your eyes, and there are those who can “read” your condition from other parts of your body. In the medical field this is true with hair. You can have a few strands examined and those strands alone will tell you what’s going on in your body, what you’ve ingested in the past.... Becky Rocquue also taught how to do a Generational Release through prayer.
(Class taught by Becky Rocque, Alpine, UT, April 2009)

Becky's website is http://www.healingheartsandhomes.com/
Her e-mail is rebecca_rocque@byu.edu

Tamara’s Notes from an Introductory Class taught by Rebecca Rocque in Layton,UT May 2007:
Issues come from 4 areas (although most every problem we have is a combination of them): Generational, Personal, Environmental, Spiritual.Generational issues means we inherit emotional characteristics and mental characteristics in addition to the physical characteristics we inherit from our parents and ancestors. It is like having a microchip from mother and father automatically’ running you.’ You have that program inside you. It has been renovated and upgraded by those before you. It contains both strengths and weaknesses.
People say "but it’s not fair that a little baby inherited Grandpa’s temper... " This is in the scriptures somewhere that if the children repent for their ancestors it does clear for them. ( I commented to check D&C 98:46-48.)
Becky also said that generational clearing actually clears from the DNA in the cells of your body for those who came before you as well as those after you. So when you do generational clearing you are clearing for your ancestors as well as your children, grandchildren and posterity. (This makes me wonder about D&C 110:12 "After this, Elias appeared, and committed the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham, saying that in us and in our seed all generations after us should be blessed." and D&C 88:74-75 " And I give unto you, who are the first laborers in this last kingdom, a commandment that you assemble yourselves together, and organize yourselves and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that I may make you clean; That I may testify unto your Father, and your God, and my God, that you are clean from the blood of this wicked generation; that I may fulfil this promise, this great and last promise, which I have made unto you, when I will. ")
Becky said by clearing for ancestors with generational clearing it does not take away their moral agency. It is just like opening a door for them. They can’t continue their repentance process of restitution or making it right. Whatever tendencies... they created in the flesh is still affecting their posterity. They can begin repenting and feel better, but they cannot make it right unless someBODY does. Bonni Burrows writes the clearest near death experience relating to this. In the 70's she wrote of seeing ancestors teaching children what issues they would have to be dealing with in their life on earth. Journey to Life is the name of her book. Bonni also has a small $3.95 pamphlet that she sells and Bonni lectures also.

Becky took a class from a man who taught her how to do a fear release on someone. It was a short script you had to work through. (Karin Cummins and I assume this was Kent Scott’s class from Orem.) She said it was good, but that she felt it could be done in a simpler, quicker way. She took another class and the teacher said you had to face East and every hour on the hour say certain things. She shook her head and said, I think we make this too complicated. It can be done easily. The simpler, the better. So when I’m home and it’s quiet and I have time, I go in the bathroom and walk the floor doing a simple little clearing routine. I pray and ask for this to be cleared and that to be cleared. And sometimes I wondered if it was really doing anything. Then this happened.
She told a story of her sister coming to her and asking, "Becky, what are you doing?" Becky told her about school... "No, what are you doing?" Becky told her about home activities. "No, what are you up to??" What do you mean? Her half sister answered, "Every night for the last 5 nights Grandma Homadoo has been coming to me saying "Becky’s family is being cleared and moving forward. Will you please find out what she is doing? I can’t move forward until you do. She’s not in my blood line, so I can’t move forward."
Generational Clearing for your Children. Becky’s son was in a band. He dyed his hair black and was told by someone at church that he could not bless the sacrament with dyed hair. He was wounded by this treatment and said fine, I’ll never go back to church then. Becky began doing generational energy clearings for him over being offended, not being true to what he knows is true, having his feelings hurt... every emotion she thought he was having trouble with. Her son had moved out of the home and toured all over with his band. About the time she started doing clearings, he surprised her and moved back home. One day she noticed an open copy of The Book of Mormon on his bed. She commented to him about it and he said, "I’ve decided it is time to turn my life around." !! Doing clearings does NOT absolve them of responsibility. But isn’t it easier to clean your house if someone else has cleaned it for you first? I did the Spring cleaning and he stepped into it. (Comments from the audience were given that this gives hope to grandparents or parents who have rebellious children or grandchildren and really don’t know what they can do to help the situation.)
Okay, so if you don’t want all the stuff that is in your "programming" handed down from your ancestors( patterns of negativity, patterns of ....) you can CLEAR it with your words. The book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die has a few paragraphs long script you can use, for instance. However, I think it can be done even simpler. Sometimes you’ll have to say it more than once, however, if it is more entrained or later more ancestors show up wanting to clear that same thing. During the day I carry post it notes or you could use index cards. I write down any negative feelings that I come across. I keep track of this list until I have time to do a clearing. Then you can clear them all at once.
For example, I went to a family reunion. First everyone was very nice, how are you and all that. Later, the pettiness came out and people were talking about others and complaining. I got out my list. I thought this is much better than sitting around judging these people for how they are acting. Instead of that, I will focus on helping them. Instead of judging and criticizing them myself, I will offer help to the situation.
Before a clearing I always pray and ask for the spirit of discernment so I can know what words to use. Begin your clearing like prayer, whatever fits your belief system. Ask that any ancestors who have those issues be allowed to be present or that the information be given to them. Say whatever comes to your mind. Words will come to you.
For instance, I had already cleared a lot of self esteem issues for my family. But one day the phrase "I’m a little petunia in an onion patch." popped into my head. I hadn’t heard that phrase for decades. My great aunt? used to sing that all the time. I had forgotten all about that, but it came to mind. So I did a clearing using that exact phrase. (This is true because different words have different frequencies.) This process can be done out loud or quietly. Say, "I clear the generational patterns and traditions of _______.(Read your post it note or say "all things on the note" or all the things you can think of whether physical, spiritual, emotional or environmental. For example: I clear blockages to the kidney, kidney failure for 16 year old niece...) And I give it to Jesus Christ (or if they are not Christian they can say" I cast it to the Sun.") to be repolarized into positive energy."
What is repolarized? Assume everything physical is a generational issue. Think about it. What if your kids are stubborn? When you pick up a stick, can you pick up only one end of that stick? No, you pick up both ends when you pick up one. You get both sides. If someone is willing to take a stand on something, we say they are committed, immoveable... Therefore, you are asking the Savior to turn weaknesses into strengths.
Finish the script with "And I ask that it be replaced with __________." You fill in the blank. When Becky first did this, she filled in with the opposite every time. Now she listens to the spirit. Or you can just ask that it be" replaced with light, love and truth" or "whatever I need at this time in my life. End in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. (Karin Cummins commented that it helps to also say I clear ...with grace and ease having that intention also, because intention is everything. Becky agreed.)
Sometimes she specifically says "I clear the generations and especially for my son Bryce." We are all related way back. You can clear for others not in your bloodline, but it isn’t as strong. You can clear for adopted children, just know that the words will come to you, even if you don’t know their birth parent’s history at all.
When enough people are doing generational clearing that will raise the vibration of the planet. For 85 years scientists have been tracking the ripples in ponds. They have found that it never ends. It goes out to the edge and then bounces back in and out and in and out and in again. You can clear a space for the person to step into. But it doesn’t change their responsibility or agency.
For Indigos, most of their issues are generational! At least 75% of their issues are. Most Indigo’s issues are more in the 90 percentiles for being generational. Kids with allergies just need to test how much of their allergies are generational? If 100%, then they don’t need drugs- they need generational clearing!
She shared an experience of her son running into the house and banging the door. She wondered what was up so went to find him. He said, "Mom, can I have a pet snake?" She said, well... you can either have a Mother or a pet snake. Which one do you want?" He ran out. She was prompted to look in his bedroom. There was a 5 gallon bucket in his room with a dinner plate on top of it. She was terrified of snakes. Opening it a crack she found it almost clear full of 50 or 75 water snakes! She said just know that with clearings, it can get worse at first before it gets better. To heal, keep going through the process. All the other stuff won’t come up once you’re through. KNOW that when you’re finished that it IS DONE. Trust. Know it has worked. Avoid doubt because if you go into that you will have to clear "doubt."
All of a sudden grandparents and parents have a way to help their family. Know that all of a sudden a teen will come and ask you about the issue that concerned you! It will be out of the blue. I have seen this happen so many hundreds of times that I know it works. And another warning: don’t get scared if ancestors start showing up to you, especially if you are the first in your family to do this kind of work.
(A man- one of 3 in the entire room of at least 30 people asked something like "So, contemporary LDS sister, are you inferring that we have the responsibility to save every one?" Becky said no, It is not your responsibility, it is a choice you have to offer this gift to someone else. It is an option that is available. You decide if you will offer it.)
She said you can do this work for other things. She had a student who always sat in the corner of her classroom, and although every step was outlined in the computer tutorial she constantly had her arm in the air asking questions. It was totally annoying Becky. So she finally decided to clear "annoying." right there at school walking between the desks. After that day the girl never again raised her hand.
( personal notes,Rebecca Rocque, Introductory Class, Layton, UT, May 19, 2007)

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