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The CD's are back! Audio downloads are still in the making.
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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cells emit sparks of Chi

I had the awesome opportunity 2 days ago of looking at my live blood projected onto a screen. One of my new friends is a phlebotomist as well as a microscopist.  She was looking at a drop of my blood under a high powered microscope. It was fascinating!  I was watching what she could see under that microscope onscreen. I saw healthy single red blood cells and also clumps of them grouped together that are not able to get oxygen... as easily.  I also saw white blood cells and various other things inside and outside of the various cells. There were things that looked like parasites, fermentation, yeast, toxins, rods, plaque, dark crystals and uric acid crystals....  I learned a lot!  Blood can tell what is stressed in your body. (I touch on that in my DVD.)  I sprayed just 10 sprays of the product ASEA under my tongue and we repeated the process with a new drop of my blood 10 minutes later.  It was fascinating to see all the detoxing that was now going on in this microscopic world of a drop of blood.

I sat spellbound looking at a ring of light emanating from each red blood cell.  I wondered, was that ring of light coming from the microscope above it or was the light originating from within the cell itself? 

I'm pretty sure that God wanted me to find an answer. It seems He woke me up at 5:00 this morning.  I didn't know why, but I felt compelled to get up that early. I read my scriptures for half an hour and then checked my e-mail. In one e-mail message a friend had asked for Farley Anderson's phone number so I looked in a book he authored for contact info.  It wasn't there. However, there was a dog-eared page that had been turned down not once, but twice years ago. That double fold caught my eye.  I felt I should see what I had once thought so important as to double dog- ear. What a surprise!  It was a page that held answers to the question I had posed 2 days earlier about blood cells being surrounded by rings of light.  I was ecstatic to read the following!  Emphasis has been added by me.

"Internationally known Dr. Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D., health educator and biomedicalr esearch specialist, 
and author of numerous books and articles, had this to say about how minerals support Chi, the vital force of life.

     'Did you guess that the mineral supplement that you choose to add to your diet might have noticeable effect on your Chi energy? Chi is the life-force that flows through our bodies. In traditional Chines medicine, Chi is seen as the paramount vital energy. Herbs and dietary supplements, including mineral supplements, are used to boost Chi, and so restore healthful vigor. Here in the West, progressive health practitioners are embracing Chi as a major option in their holistic programs.  Chi is an electronic energy that can be measured using sensitive electro-acupuncture machines.  It is thought that Chi originates at the level of a single cell, which is the basic unit of life. The trillions of cells in the human body make electronic energy simultaneously with chemical energy in the tiny energy factories they have that are called mitochondria.  The Chi energy leaves the single cells and moves out of the tissue, then travels through the organs and the entire body, as measured via the classic acupuncture meridian points. The correlation between Chi and minerals is that Chi is an electron energy, and the more charged atoms there are in the fluids, the better can the electronic energy flow. Much as in a battery, the more charged atoms (ions) there are in the battery solution, the stronger is the battery. Similarly, our cells make the sparks of Chi, but its flow is held by the minerals.

     `'The better the balance of the minerals in the fluids, the better the Chi should flow.  While we do know     that there are 23 elements strictly proven essential for the body, we do not know that the others are not essential or not important.  These may well contribute to Chi. . . . From my research into this phenomenon of Chi, it has become clear that by supplementing our diet with a well-balanced mineral supplement we can go a far way towards optimizing our energy and overall well being. (Used by permission from a 1996 speech.)' "  (Quoted in Farley M. Anderson, Nature's Answer, Bear River, Utah, Replenishing Press, p 37-38)

I felt this author was a second-witness to what my new friend, Kathleen Erickson, taught. We both presented at a health conference in Provo recently where she showed us videos of live blood glowing with light after taking the product, ASEA.  I was taking notes as fast as I could and felt I had found a kindred spirit.  She spoke of being able to see both light and darkness in the cells. We both were excited about scriptures that speak of this. Wow! All truth fits together.  Gotta love science and technology that agree with scripture!

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I'm very happily married with 5 great kids and 6 grandchildren. I am fascinated by the science behind subtle energy therapies because they made such a HUGE difference for my family. I am passionate about researching how the field of energy medicine fits with the gospel of Christ. I find great joy in being an Energy facilitator myself, helping people make peace with their past, releasing unresolved emotions and bringing light to dark places. I work in the healing arts and know that Jesus Christ is the source of all healing.