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ORDER my books below or on Amazon.
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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Incredible Help for Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, OCD,.. and other Brain Disorders

Let me tell you about what I learned after I wrote my book, Healing Arts- A Gift from God. I read a remarkable book about another daughter who had bipolar. It reminded me at times of our own experiences. That book is a great gift to the world!  In it Autumn tells about her dedicated father in Canada who found a radically different approach to bipolar THAT WORKED!  Autumn didn't believe it could work at first . . . but it did because the Lord was behind its inception. God's fingerprints are all over this family's incredible story that includes fasting and prayer.  

"A Promise of Hope is the story of Autumn's flight from madness to wellness and an astonishing scientific account of a treatment that has also helped thousands of others. It is a powerful call for a new understanding of mental illness, its causes and its treatments.  ©2007 Autumn Stringham; (P)2007 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

The formulation produced by Autumn's father and the man he was led to, David Hardy,  has blessed over 90,000 people with a wide variety of mood disorders! My daughter is one of them. She had problems beyond post partum depression after the birth of    

each of her children. My daughter used the same high dose vitamins and balanced minerals treatment as Autumn, called Empowerplus Q96. 

The very first week on Q96 my daughter experienced much less anxiety. Then she noticed she had way less negative intrusive thoughts. Under her doctor's care she was able to significantly lower her psychiatric medications, replacing them with Q96.  My daughter is thrilled to be doing something natural and without any of the prescriptions' side effects. My son has also been able to largely replace a prescription for sleep with QMax, which is the same ratio of vitamin and minerals as Q96 with methylated B vitamins. Both of my adult children have switched from using Q96 to QMax. 

My clients report: better sleep, much less anxiousness, less negative intrusive thoughts, and a whole lot less mind racing. They feel much less "down", far more joy - and even energy. Q96 certainly helped my daughter recover from postpartum depression (along with the emotional release work she did in energy healing).

Q96 is made by QSciences and has been proven effective in usage and clinical research for depression, stress, ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, Autism, Bi-Polar disorder, OCD, Rage, Brain Injury, Trauma, ODD, Addictive Behaviors, early Alzheimer's and Dementia. 

The Q96 approach, a chelated and micronized micronutrient, fits perfectly with what God woke me up at 4 am to learn of years ago: "Our cells make the sparks of Chi, but its flow is held by the minerals. . . .  Minerals are not the entire story for Chi, but they are an important part." (Parris M. Kidd PhD quoted in Farley M. Anderson, Nature's Answer, 38)  Apparently, when one is nutrient and mineral deficient , life force energy (the life-giving energy from Jesus Christ that is also a mental light) is not flowing through the body as it could be.

Harvard Psychiatrist Charles Popper, M.D.  wrote in the afterword to Autumn Stringam’s book, A Promise of Hope:
“Autumn’s enthusiasm for her treatment is justified. By all accounts [it] changed her life more profoundly than conventional medications could. The success in her case is undeniable. And there are thousands more like her.
. . . Controlled scientific studies are in the works [and] the initial findings are particularly challenging to physicians because they do not fit easily into current psychiatric knowledge or theory on bipolar disorder. For patients and physicians alike, it would be a mistake to off-handedly dismiss it.
Charles Popper, M.D. Harvard Medical School Aug. 2007

I'm convinced that humble father, Tony Stephan, discovering a connection between micro-nutrient deficiency and mental health was much more than luck. In her book, Autumn wrote of her father speaking these words:
“We have won a new respect for the mentally ill. They are no longer hopeless if they find Truehope [now also marketed by QScience and Hardy Nutritionals]. They are no longer stigmatized if they go on to live a life like the one you are living now. . . . Liberty, Autumn, we won liberty for the captives! Are you trapped anymore? No. Are you afraid anymore? No."
[Then Autumn recounts]  I can hear him pounding his steering wheel the way he used to thump the pulpit, before Mom died, before his life was changed forever. And it brings tears to my eyes. “We won a battle that we never even wanted to fight, and there has been a power behind this that goes way beyond our abilities... We won before the fight even started because this victory isn’t mine and it isn’t David’s. It’s an answer to prayer, Autumn. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle. We have won the right for you to choose to be well, to help as many people as you want to, to help them find their way out of the darkness of mental illness. Autumn, Bonnie Kaplan said it years ago, and I believe it. This may be the most significant breakthrough in mental health since the beginning of time.”    (Autumn Stringam, A Promise of Hope, 270)

Those words bring tears to my eyes, too. This is a breakthrough of epic proportion! The above words give me hope that someday, with the research getting to a mainstream audience, the stigma associated with so-called mental issues can vanish. This feeling is marked by Dr. Popper's words, "Make no mistake, this is an historically significant piece of work that is being done."

 "Changes the way psychiatry will be practiced." Dr. Bonnie Kaplan (PhD University of Calgary, Pediatrics)

A psychiatrist, Julia Rucklidge, tells it like it is in this video: 

God bless Tony Stephan's children! His wife did not die in vain! I count myself extremely blessed to benefit from their story, learning and sacrifices. My family's health is improving because of them and my heart is filled with gratitude.I feel it an honor to introduce this noble family's story to others. I am likewise grateful for David Hardy and his family.   

Despite humble beginnings, this formula has netted over 20 medical journal publications and studies by 23 universities in 4 countries.  Over 5000 doctors are promoting this product! Third party research continues (see www.micronutrientsupport.com). 

There is hope! 
Optimize your mood naturally and quickly. 

7 day sample box

Some people can know in 7 days if this product is working for them. Others need weeks before the benefits show. I sell trial boxes of Q96 online.  To see prices or order a sample box or full bottle click on this link: www.13030.myqsciences.com

To become a preferred customer at $10 off per bottle, phone 1-385-374-6400 and give them my IBO # which is #13030. There is no fee for this, but an autoship will be set up - which may be cancelled at any time.

Q Sciences cares! Individual care for those already on Rx's along with clinical studies, and research is available from a third party on: https://www.micronutrientsupport.com   

Micronutrient Support may also be reached at (866)-397-3116.


You do not want to be over medicated and have the mistaken idea that this supplement isn't working, when it is actually working too well and you require LESS of your Rx. ***** 

You may also enjoy the post: "The Story of True Hope -- EmpowerplusQ96  by Tony Stephan"  CLICK HERE


Here is the original formulator, David Hardy, talking about his version of the formula from Hardy Nutritionals. It is called DEN, for Daily Essential Nutrients. 

DEN has a recommended dosage of 12 per day (4/meal). The Q96 dosage is 4 per day.  My friend Pam Monson used to sell Q96 but believes that 4 per day is not enough for some people.  Some people take 6-8 Q96 a day when needed.  


It appears that Q96 emphasizes nano chelation for better absorption in the gut while DEN emphasizes the addition of more vitamins (therefore more capsules are needed.)  Research shows that both formulas work!  Q96 is an MLM while DEN is not. A 120 count bottle of Q96 costs around $52 a month while a 360 count bottle of DEN is $129. Q96 offers a family pack of 4 bottles which comes with a 5th bottle free. The family pack is only available through autoship (which may be changed at anytime) and must be ordered by phone. I will leave it up to you to "do the math" for your family since people take different dosages depending on their needs. Thank you for ordering from me, IBO #13030.

I desire to help people by sharing information.  Here is a link to compare prices and learn more about DEN: http://www.hardynutritionals.com/products

This is a picture of Autumn Stringam and I at her book review in Lehi, UT.  She is a delightful person! Watch the Amazing Q96 story of how a family tragedy gifted the world at http://qsciences.com/science/videos/ 

My family and clients are experiencing great differences now that we understand mental clarity, calmness and focus are related not only to what I wrote about in my book (spiritual, emotional and generational aspects) but also to overcoming micronutrient deficiency. What a paradigm shift!

To your health!   


It is very interesting to me that scientist Dr. Yury Kronn says, “The difference between the ability of mineralized and distilled waters to hold Subtle Energy patterns suggests that minerals are playing the role of "capacitors" or holders of Subtle EnergyIt could very well be that minerals play the same role in the human body."   (Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD; Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN; Robert C. Eanes;  “Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine: New Paradigms, New Technologies, New Possibilities”;  www.pureenergyrx.com; white paper)


Depression Healing Insights said...

Excellent post Tamara! I am feeling a wonderful difference with Q96. I had an experience similar to yours in which the Spirit taught me I wasn't getting enough minerals. I had to do a yeast cleanse and eat very carefully to be ready to get the full benefits from it--and now I am really excited about what Q96 is doing for me!

Tamara said...

It's great to hear this. Friends I have shared Q96 with have experienced less intrusive negative thoughts, "tons less anxiety" and improved sleep. Within days one friend felt hope again after a deep depression. I am grateful for these early reports.

Tamara said...

Time for an update. One friend said, "something inside me came alive" when she started taking Q96. A young man with OCD issues really liked how he felt while taking the trial-sized box and now buys bottles of it. Another has replaced an anti-psychotic and sleeping pill with Q96. My daughter learned she will not ever go without it again. This product works and has been a godsend.

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