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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Letter from a Client - Mental Illness a WAR with THOUGHTS

email to author 1/31/13

"Hi Tamara,

I have been passing through lots of interesting experiences and I learned some things that I thought might be of help to your daughter.  You mentioned awhile back that her bipolar was bothering her again.

This last week I passed through more pain and insanity than I did when I was in the mental hospital...but I learned some very helpful things.

I finally understand that this whole "bipolar" thing is about the WAR within my thoughts!!!!!!!!

The "negative energy" has  used a very effective strategy to destroy my peace.  As far as I have understood this is it...

1. They begin with the CONSTANT bombardment of negative thoughts in my own thought/voice.   Like wood peckers trying to drill into my brain, these thoughts are constantly inviting me away from Gods Spirits thoughts.

Brother Fletcher call's these "thought viruses".  The most effective ones seems to be "I am a victim", (Etsuko told me that in her experience this "victim thought virus is always involved with a candida overgrowth in the body (which I am FULL of and have been all my life); blaming others,criticisms, etc. are other damning viruses.

Once one little thought chain is listened too, step 2 goes into effect...

2. Open the hole into the brain wider by quickly pouring in more negatively inspired evidence of whatever it was I chose to believe. Over time, depending on how long it takes them to convince me of the truth of their lies, like a chain getting thicker and thick with every accepted lie, and my mind getting darker and my feelings get more contentious and soon the Spirit is gone from my heart.  Then they begin step #3.

3. Once I am at the point of angry irrational blindness, I quickly sink into despair (feeling their feelings perhaps + my own at loosing the Spirits companionship?) I have recognized by now that I don't have peace and am praying desperately to get it back but am in a very bad place and I can't see much light or have much hope...it sneaks up. If they can extinguish my hope I am defeated.

This last experience, as I had sunk into despair and could seen no light it felt like an eternity of the pains of hell.  The words that seemed to keep me afloat were from the temple...repeating them over and over and pleading with the Lord to save me.   I saw the shadowy outlines of 5 negative energy beings working frantically over me (I was lying on my bed, trying to sleep...it was late into the night).  I saw them waist up, so they must have been kneeling or sitting through me somehow.  They were feverishly working...the motion looked/felt something like whipping an egg. (I believe this must be some kind of energy work...like the motions of Reiki used for negative).  Finally I felt the angels of God come and push off the negative energies but their damage hung on for a long time.  I fell asleep but I know at least one guardian angel was there still in the morning. Some how they clean and repair during the night.  I am so thankful.

Etsuko did distance energy work on me, taught me more about keeping myself more in constant light. 

(So this is what I thought might help your daughter...

I've been flooding myself with light...especially my thoughts...

- Daily scriptures and prayer (and as needed...In the "crazy" when I would read the Book of 
-M[ormon], Mormon Tab[ernacle] choir hymns CONSTANTLY floating in one ear.  When I am monitoring how I am feeling, I can choose to tune in to the music of faith and short circuit the thought viruses.)
-Essential oils (the vitamins by DoTerra are great) especially frankincense on the top of my head, my 3rd eye chakra, my heart chakra, and navel.
-I use Wild Orange or OnGuard (by DoTerra) on the back of my neck, head, and shoulders when I feel the negative energies attack (do you know how they do this?  How do they get through my aura?  Oil immediately usually stops the pain.
-Healthy diet full of green veggies...word of wisdom...
- Learning to love myself (the EFT has been helpful in this and learning to love my body).

I think my sickness began because of  my very damaged heart and the pain of negative emotional "slivers" coming out.  I am trying to completely connect every chakra with Father, especially my heart.  If He holds my heart, I hope it will feel safe enough to enable me to be a healthy mom and wife. 

I know the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of our being are all connected and that I need to be strong in all of these to keep balanced to maintain peace. It seems like if I am weak in any of these areas, I am much more vulnerable to attack.

I stopped eating sugar and processed foods and am working to be free of candida. 

I think because I have been so low, the "road way" in my brain is already established.  I am quicker to fall, if I start down that path, but IF I DON'T START down the path, they have no power over me.

In summary, 

1. I believe my bipolar learning opportunity is caused by negative energies.
2.  I have lots of power to choose to stay in "light" places, especially when I know what I am dealing with. 
3.  This opportunity is being turned into a blessing ... to make me stronger, to give me experience, to motivate me to give my whole soul to my God.

This really is warfare!  I hope something of this might be helpful for your daughter. 

Do you have any thoughts about how to get my heart chakra healthy?   Can someone with a broken/ unattached heart have the gift of Charity...which I think means I would always have the love to give my family?

How to do more cleansing of negative emotional triggers?  What do you call what you did with me at Etsuko's house?

I have been free of my meds for 3 years but I think drug residues in my systems are still making me vulnerable.  I hate presciption drugs!  Do you have any drug cleansing ideas? 

Hope you are well.  Thank you for all you have taught.


(Note: What I did with Christy "at Etsuko's house" was Deep Emotion Release.  Brother Fletcher's work can be found at http://thoughtpatternmanagement.com/  )

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