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ORDER my books below or on Amazon.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dr. Kenneth West's "Hierarchy of Function"

I listened to Dr. Kenneth West from South Africa lecture in the fall of 2012 in North Ogden, Utah. He gave me permission to share this power point slide of his publicly. 

“Working with scientists from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it became clear there is a hierarchy of function – the longer the wavelength, the more powerful it is.  The longest wavelength measurable is called the Boson and, … it controls the hierarchy.  Zero Point is at the top of the pyramid and the Boson creates the descending order of power all the way down to the structural level.  This illustrates why therapies using the waves higher up the pyramid (like energy work, prayer, sound healing) so often produce results superior to those at the bottom of the pyramid, where surgery and biochemical therapies reside.  It is also interesting that the further down the pyramid you go, the greater the risk to the patient, the higher the cost and the more irreversible the changes.” (Dr. Kenneth West, “Stress Addiction,” Odyssey,  Issue 2  2012, p 44)

I believe Dr. West explained that the techniques listed above the bottom level are examples of using  the wavelengths in bold.  The "Hierarchy of Function," portrayed in the pyramid above, summarizes some points in my book, Healing Arts - A Gift from God.

 A similar chart titled 5 Levels of Healing by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is found below (and simplified in my first book on slide # 467. It is also discussed in my second book).

Quoting Dr. Klinghardt, one author says:

"Health and illness are a reflection of the state of these 5 levels. ... Any health problem can originate on any of the 5 levels.... An imbalance on one level, if left untreated, spreads upward or downward to the other levels.... Unless upper level imbalances are addressed, restoring balance at the lower levels will not produce long-lasting effects.... Therapeutic intervention at the lower levels has a very slow, and little penetrating effect upwards.... But if you do an intervention on the 3rd or 4th level, it can correct the [block] on the 2nd level immediately, within seconds or minutes, [Dr. Klinghardt] notes." (Stephanie Marohn, The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder, 59-60, 72, emphasis added)

Simply put, that sums up what a number of energy healing modalities are doing! I believe these processes involve a sacred light, sound, and breath. The field of energy healing often involves breathing techniques, unseen light in and around the body and various forms of sound waves.  These underlying principles are spoken of in healing terms the world uses as well as by religious terms. My book points out that Zero Point Energy, listed at the top of the pyramid above,  is related to intelligence in the light of Christ and  mentions other scriptural terms for sacred light, sound and breath. Interestingly, cutting edge scientists have found that healing involves vibration, frequency and resonance -- all communicated through light!

What a blessing that Dr. Klinghardt is world renowned for helping autistic patients as well as Lyme patients in his medical practice. I am deeply grateful for this pioneer who teaches other medical doctors his form of applied kinesiology muscle testing as well as how to release unresolved trauma from generations past and other energy healing techniques. "Dr. Klinghardt estimates that about 70% of mental disorders across the board go back to systemic family issues that need to be treated. People try to treat them psychologically, on the 3rd level and it cannot work.  This is not the right level.  Similarly, focusing on the biochemistry is not going to fix the problem when the source is at the 4th level." (Stephanie Marohn, The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder, 70)  Releasing such generational issues is another area that energy healing addresses. What a difference this makes for people!

"Unresolved trauma does not appear to go away with death, but plays out in a variety of ways in later generations.  Often, unresolved trauma from previous generations becomes the source, and the causative event of illness is later generations.... Most people overlook this and can never help their patients.  I use this work for all autistic children that come to my practice.... When we resolve issues in the family history there is often magical improvement in these children. By healing the trauma of the past these children are healed in the present." (Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., "The 5 Levels of Healing" video, www.mercola.com, Tamara Laing's transcribed notes)  
These and other quotes and scriptures on the subject of generational healing as well as religious validation for many underlying principles of energy healing are in my book Healing Arts - A Gift from God.  Some of these quotes are in my new DVD "What Else Is There?"  Like Dr. Klinghardt, and a host of facilitators of energy healing, we attest that changes in health and behavior can happen quickly today -- just like they did when facilitated by mortals in Bible times. Believing in these techniques is not a requirement for them to work, only a willingness to try is.  Belief, however, adds even more to one's results. Faith is a literal  power as "Thought" near the top of Dr. West's pyramid attests!

RELATED READING: My friend, Courtney Beardall, shared an interesting article on her website (courtneybeardall.com) that may prove interesting on the power of words...  The article is at http://themindunleashed.org/2013/07/scientist-prove-dna-can-be-reprogrammed.html

And David Feinstein wrote a very interesting paper titled "Energy Psychology Treatments Over a Distance: The Curious Phenomenon of "Surrogate Tapping." (If David had spoken with the Rapid Eye Institute he would have had many more testimonials to consider in his study.) Click on this link to read David Feinstein's paper HERE

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