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Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
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Katie Garner ART of one's energy system rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

More on our story

Unlike orthodox medicine that operates from the mind set of "person= body", Energy Medicine works from the viewpoint of "person = body + mind + spirit." It is often a spiritual therapy as it balances, clears and re-patterns one’s Energy system.

As I read dozens of books related to Energy Medicine I kept finding underlying principles that fit within my religious beliefs. I also found teachings on occasion that were not at all congruent with LDS beliefs. I am grateful to be a member of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" which embraces all truth.

Synchronicity happened so often that I felt an assurance that God wanted me to experience the learning curve I was on. If what my daughter and my family had to go through saves anyone else any angst, then the trials we went through were all the more worthwhile.

My youngest daughter experienced severe depression, panic attacks, roller coaster mood swings and a diagnosis I had never heard of before: Schizo-Affective Disorder Bipolar Type. We endured years with living nightmares in the daytime and darkness. The only answers medical doctors had were drugs and counseling. However, these conventional methods still left her very ill and often suicidal. She was cutting herself, and her manic and suicidal tendencies sometimes necessitated phoning the police.

The bi-polar type illness was affecting my marriage and our entire family. Her sister didn’t dare live in the same house with her for a time. Over time I became depressed myself, as many parents of chronically ill children will relate to. Sundays were often difficult for me. I didn't think I could share what was really going on with ward members. My other children claimed that I cried every week at church. Yet, I never let go of my faith in God. I fasted often, sometimes every Sunday during rough months. I prayed frequently during the day for help. My religious convictions got me through a lot of turmoil. I knew there was a God in heaven and he did hear my prayers. Our trials continued so occasionally I wondered if we were somehow forgotten.

A priesthood blessing from our very new and young Bishop told my daughter to pray and read her scriptures because "answers were to be found there." At first I was disappointed with such advice. She had such enormous trials that initially I felt this was a very ‘generic’ blessing. However, I repented of that thought and took the Lord’s counsel through our Bishop to heart. We had been promised answers in the scriptures. Not help, but answers! And in time we found them.

The most obvious reason I believe there is authentic help in Energy Medicine is that it was the insistence of the Holy Spirit that began my journey of learning about it in the first place. A quiet whispering repeatedly told me to call a friend I hadn’t kept in touch with. I didn’t understand how a stay-at-home mom could possible be of much help for severe trials as dramatic as ours were, but I finally phoned her. Sobbing, I related our daughter’s suicidal tendencies and the horrendous side effects of various medications. Then my friend said something that still stands out in my mind as being profoundly important. "So, you’ve only looked for help in the medical field?" she asked. Startled, I answered "Yes, of course. What else is there?!" She said there was a whole other field of medicine. "Really?" I asked incredulously. "Yes, it is called Energy Medicine," she replied in a matter-of-fact way. She said it was an alternative but complementary treatment. We could investigate it while continuing to follow doctors orders. I was willing to look into it further because my friend was entirely full of integrity. Besides that, my child was frighteningly ill, the medical field wasn’t helping, and honestly- I was desperate.

I am extremely grateful that I was blessed to find out about Energy therapies! What a HUGE blessing being open-minded about its possibilities proved to be! Its procedures saved my personal heartbreak, probably my daughter’s life, and saved my family from ripping apart. It affected miracles for us. I believe that the Lord has led me on my path of discovery. We were prompted to find incredible help for our daughter at sessions with therapists who used various forms of Energy techniques. This scenario was repeated over and over again. These therapist’s integrity was more of a concern to me than which of the various modalities they used, although I am selective about that also.

The alternative help they offered was truly an answer to our prayers! My daughter was much happier and I felt physically lighter after sessions of Rapid Eye, like a heavy weight had been lifted from me. Besides the clearing technology used in sessions, new education was important. We learned to apply universal principles, such as skills for positive living taught in "Life Skills" classes by Rapid Eye Technicians. These principles settled comfortably with our Christian/LDS beliefs. In time, our daughter experienced healing at an Energy therapy session, although I credit all of her Energy sessions as having a cumulative effect.

As an Energy Technician myself now, I am blessed to see the difference these sessions make in the lives of many others. It is a joy to hear the wonderful benefits that friends and family report. I love that the field I work in takes a spiritual view of our bodies. I am still amazed at the difference even a few sessions can make in a person’s life. I want to help get the word out. Sometimes I want to stand on the street corner and shout to the world, "There is hope! There is help available that many people haven’t even heard of!" I hope that soon the wisdom of the East will be combined with the wisdom of the West so that even more suffering people will be able to find the help and healing they seek.

I want to make sure the reader knows I am not against mainstream conventional medicine. There is absolutely a need for it. It has been a blessing to my family. However, we need to make room for methods that get to the root of problems instead of just focusing on symptom relief. Our society has moved away from treating the whole person. We are not just physical bodies! There is a revolution going on influencing how today’s medical community looks at illness. It requires a shift in perception. A new mind set is needed that includes the truth that we are multi-dimensional beings.

Energy Medicine may be able to help you or a loved one. Perhaps this is a new concept to you, as it was for me years ago. An amazing thing for me was discovering that the help I found for my daughter was also helpful for numerous kinds of issues. Energy techniques release blocks that contribute to physical illness and problems, emotional patterns like depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, and a multitude of difficult life situations as well as abuse and trauma. Other amazing occurrences for me have been seeing the subtle energy spoken of on numerous occasions. I know it is real.

All healing comes from the Savior, so you may be wondering if Energy Medicine’s principles are in line with the gospel of Christ. Having little information to go on, some people are prone to immediate doubt and suspicion. The Bible offers great and sensible keys to follow. "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." (Prov. 18:13) "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thes. 5:21) Joseph Smith said, "One of the grand fundamental principles of "Mormonism" is to receive truth, let it come from whence it may."(TPJS p313)

I believe answers to all of our questions can be found in the scriptures. They are what I measure truth and untruth against. I have searched for answers to my own questions about the field of Energy Medicine in them. Pres. Harold B. Lee wrote

"I say that we need to teach our people to find their answers in the scriptures. If only each of us would be wise enough to say that we aren’t able to answer any question unless we can find a doctrinal answer in the scriptures! And if we hear someone teaching something that is contrary to what is in the scriptures, each of us may know whether the things spoken are false—it is as simple as that. But the unfortunate thing is that so many of us are not reading the scriptures. We do not know what is in them, and therefore we speculate about the things that we ought to have found in the scriptures themselves. I think that therein is one of our biggest dangers of today." ("Find the Answers in the Scriptures" Ensign Dec. 1972 )
Of course I do not proclaim that what I have learned about is doctrine. I share it only as my viewpoint. You make your own choice- remembering that "... all things which are good cometh of God..." (Moroni 7:12)

Let’s look at what the Lord has said about questions you might have, and also consider what has been discovered about illness & healing. I hope that what I have found will dispel myths and shed light on a timely subject. My motive is simply to share the help I have found available. No matter how much you or a loved one is suffering, there is help available. Many people are not even aware that this help exists. Nothing has been sadder for me since our fiery trials than to watch loved ones go to the very best of medical specialists available and not get the relief they are seeking, yet not be open- minded enough to even try alternative options. I am very grateful to have found what I consider to be hidden treasures of knowledge. "And all Saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; and shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures." (D&C 89: 18-19) I certainly consider some of the information I have found to be hidden treasures.

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