Order below or on Amazon. A mother's search to help her ill daughter with bipolar leads to astonishing answers and scripture validation for auras, chakras, emotional release affecting healht, hands-on healing, distance work and more. Learn LDS lingo for a gamut of energy healing principles. Nearly 500 illustrations with comparable quotes from science & scripture. This broad selection of quotes from prophets and apostles is validating for "the new medicine." Consciousness is highlighted because the Light of Christ manifests as such. Read and become an enlightened health consumer! "Your mission may be to save the energy workers from the challenges of the uninformed." S.L. "This will help overcome prejudice and fear about healing therapies. A must read for healing illness: emotional or physical." S.K.

ORDER books on this secure site or on Amazon. Learn how to SEE trapped emotions, generational issues and darkness leaving. Answer questions about women & healing gifts. Step by step instructions to do Deep Emotion Release - through the EYES - on yourself or others. Unique scripture lists to "cast off works of darkness." Learn new perceptions to find forgiveness, gratitude & praise in ALL things. "Extremely rewarding material!" Sabrina Potter "People who have been abused are beginning to heal just by reading your book." Name withheld "Tamara Laing is all about the processes needed to establish Zion before the coming of our Lord and Savior.... She empowers [others] to awake to their end-time roles." Avraham Gileadi "Tamara's work and testimony will once again change lives profoundly." Holli Oram, M.S. Psychology "Beautiful and powerful! I hung onto every word. What a gift!" Kim Watts "Mind-blowing information!" Conference Attendee (MORE INFO on a tab above - then scroll down).

Healing Arts (blue book)


The CD's are back! Audio downloads are still in the making.

The CD's are back! Audio downloads are still in the making.
Audio talk on DER. Learn how to see trapped emotions, generational issues and darkness shift while gazing deeply into the eyes with love and specific intent. "The light of the body is the eye." (Matthew 6:22) Understand ties between Biblical curses, dysfunctional patterns passed down in families and forgiving one's ancestors. "Tamara Laing empowers to awake to end-time roles." Avraham Gileadi "This topic is truly life-changing!" Robin Young

Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts

Audio talk on Mental Illness and Suicidal Thoughts
Tamara's search to help her daughter with bipolar leads to astonishing answers. New insights on root causes to depression, anxiety, cutting, suicidal thoughts... Her stories change perceptions about mental illness. "Real help for our loved ones - even at a distance!" M.H. "Her research is phenomenal. It will take my work to a new level." Angie, Psychotherapist "I wouldn't want to deal with mental illness in a family without this help!" S.A.

NEW! Deep Emotion Release Laminated Sheet

NEW!  Deep Emotion Release Laminated Sheet
The wording from various chapters is all in 1 place, 2-sided.

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Dr. Compton's new EFT book: beautiful language and concepts to help bring the Atonement of Christ into wording used with Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on acupressure points instead of using needles). Dr. Compton suggests angles I wouldn't have thought of!

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Katie Garner "Pillar of Light" ART of one's energy system. Rich in symbolism from Ezekiel 1 w/ aligning D&C verse on chakras. Thank you, Emily Peery, for pointing this verse out!

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1st book Healing Arts

 From the foreword:

"With her new book, Healing Arts, Tamara Laing has introduced major groundbreaking insights into the whole field of energy medicine. . . . Tamara Laing has been able to bring together the philosophies of religion and the philosophies of science, recognizing that the reality is often simply a difference in terminology and not concept. . . .  Healing Arts is an extremely well-referenced treatise. Tamara Laing draws from a great number of separate sources to create a fluid, enlightening, and fascinating read. I love it. I challenge you to expand your perspective, open your heart and mind, and enjoy the inspiration in these pages. This is a treasure trove of healing."                           Stan Gardner, M.D., CNS

Here is what people are saying about my book.

"Healing Arts -- A Gift From God is the best collection known to me of quotations supporting energy healing from both a scientific and LDS viewpoint. Tamara's painstaking research is both broad and deep, covering a surprisingly wide spectrum of sources. This book is easy reading and truly enlightening."   John P. Pratt

“This book has so much light in it!” - Lynette in Cody, WY

“I praise God for guiding me to your website . . . to know if I can righteously use ‘The Healing Arts’ with my family. Reading your book gave me such a huge spiritual ‘upgrade.’”  - Rachel in Los Angeles, CA

“Your mission may be to save the energy workers from the challenges of the uninformed. I am very grateful for your diligence.”  - Anonymous

"There is a tremendous amount of information gathered into this book!"  - Dr. Kenneth West

"This book sealed the beliefs I have to align me with the church." Carol Nash, recent convert

"Even though I felt drawn to use "new" therapies for my growth and healing, I was always a little unsure of their origin and "acceptability" within the LDS Church.  After years of many unanswered questions, I have found solid answers in Tamara Laing's book Healing Arts - A Gift From God. I have never seen anyone ever address the topic of "energy healing" from an LDS perspective that gives
so much solid scientific information.  

"This is groundbreaking! Especially for those who are more prone to skepticism.  . . . This book contains a marriage between LDS theology of the "Light of Christ" and the scientifically recognized "Energy Fields" that surround, give life to, and control the human body... 

"As believers in the power of the Atonement and that Christ is the source of all healing, I had asked questions like: What is the "Light of Christ" as spoken of in the Book of Mormon in comparison to Oriental "Chi" that flows through everything?  What about prana?  What is an aura? Where are my emotions really stored?  How do I change my feelings about a negative situation when I feel powerless to make a difference?  This book will answer all such questions.

"The information in Tamara's book will help overcome prejudice, ignorance, and fear about healing therapies.  Not only will you gain greater respect and hope in promises of healing the Lord gives through scriptures and prophets but also a foundational understanding of scientific "discoveries" that substantiate what we already know from scripture.  I believe that Tamara is a pioneer for laying the foundation for a new era of healing among all who have faith to be healed. This is a must read for anyone looking for further light and knowledge in the area of healing illness: emotional or physical.  'By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.'  Here are two witnesses on healing (prophets and science); you can be the third."
- Shauna in Taylorsville, UT

"I love what Tamara has offered our world, specifically, in creating a bridge from something that is new and unfamiliar to something that is familiar and fits with my understanding of Truth and light. I am grateful for her study and preparation to share the truths God wants her to share. Addie in Kaysville, UT

How blessed we are by your hands, heart, and the work you have given us through your book.”  -Marne in Brigham City, UT

"I ordererd the book [and] could not put it down.  WOW!  You have really done quite a bit of research and this must have taken you A TON of time to put together.  It is totally inspired.  I have used some of the things from the book and seen instant results.  Thank you so much.  I am grateful for your inspired obedience in compiling and writing this book.  I will never be the same.  Thank you!"  Tammy in Garland, UT

“Tamara put years of research into this book (as the eight pages of references attest.) I was deeply inspired and uplifted at the first reading. I'm looking forward to re-reading it, and will keep it handy! I believe it will enlighten minds and open hearts. Thank you Tamara!”  - Holli in Kaysville, UT

“Thank you so much for writing, publishing and sharing your book! I received it last week and have already read it twice! I love it! So inspiring! The ideas flow so beautifully. Thank you.” - Lori in Rexburg, ID

“Thank you for bringing all of this wonderful info together! Amazing!” - Marnae in Grantsville, UT

“Thank you for all your research! Bless you for your endeavors in helping bring energy medicine out of the shadows!”   Loretta in Huntington Beach, CA

"Thank you for your example. Your work and book is paving the way, and creating courage to go forward for all of us." Jill in South Ogden, UT

"It was validating to the extreme to what I had been feeling and couldn't find anywhere else."  
Linda in Lakeside, AZ

"Thank you very much for the book. You have opened up other avenues of learning for me.  Knowledge is awesome when used wisely."
Cary in Nibley, UT

"Thank you so much for writing this book. I feel so much clarity after studying from it!" 
Erica in Utah

Healing Arts is for anyone who wonders how life force energy and integrative forms of healing fit with LDS and Christian belief. My book covers integrative healing principles that have helped my family and clients. I hope they help you and yours.  My book contains nearly 500 full color slides full of validating quotes on the premises of energy healing. This includes all of the power point slides customers loved in my DVD (that sold out) plus nearly 300 new slides along with personal stories from my family. Beautiful illustrations showcase quotes from the world compared to quotes from scripture and LDS leaders talking about the same things using different vocabulary.  34 pages of personal stories from my family are followed by the following illustrated chapters.

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Chapter 1 The Sea of Light Energy
The universal energy that physicists have discovered is what Latter-day Saints refer to as intelligence in the light of Christ.

Chapter 2 Light Energy Heals
Apostles and prophets on the subjects of a subtle, invisible essence that heals and can be shared, on women healing, long distance healing . . .

Chapter 3 Wheels of Light Intelligence
Energy centers called "chakras" appear to be in the Bible! The light of truth shines.

Chapter 4 The Light of Consciousness
Prophets say "Thoughts are things" that actually affect our physical being and health.       The Light of Christ manifests as consciousness.

Chapter 5 Mapped Light of Emotion
Scriptural examples of emotion affecting people physically. Forgiveness, gratitude, and praise in ALL things raises ones level of consciousness, which benefits health.

Chapter 6 Chase Darkness with Light
"You may chase darkness from among you." Put on the armor of light. Scriptural warnings.

Chapter 7 Light in the Healing Arts
Principles on light, energy, information, frequency. Techniques and self help tools including essential oils, crystals, generational issues. . .

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